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Khekranala doesnít boast of magnificent beaches or imposing mountains, it is one of those places one heads to unwind and take a break from the daily grind of a crowded city. What makes it a holiday destination is the idyllic lake around the Khekranala Dam.The Lake is surrounded by dense forests of the Khapa range in the north-eastern Vidharba region. Since there arenít many visitors to the place, chances are that you could be lying alone on the lake side in the solace of the nature. You can also take a boat and float around in the lake.

Just 55 km from Nagpur,Khekranala is popular among trekkers. One can set base at Khekranala and then move upwards on the rugged Khapa hills. The lush forest is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Occasional roars and growls are a testimony to the presence of tigers in the forests as well.

What attracts tourists to Khekranala is its climate and environment which remains wholesome all year round. Khekranala also boasts of a Shiva temple, popular with locals in Vidarbha. Also do not forget to visit Tadoba National park which is in north of Vidarbha.

How to reach
Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur
Rail: The nearest railway station is Nagpur ,55 km away
Bus: Buses and cabs are available from Nagpur ,Saoner,Khapa

Where to stay
Holiday Resort is run by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation.