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Nisargadhama is a 65 acre beautiful Riverine Island near Kushalnagar town in Coorg district located 280 km from Bangalore or about six hours drive .A big attraction is the suspended bridge that connects the mainland to the island.

The Cauvery River which originates in the Brahmagiri hills in the Western Ghats in Coorg district splits into 4 branches near Kushalnagar forming riverine islands and the largest among all is Nisargadhama.

The breathtakingingly beautiful island is also home to wildlife, from crocodiles that basked on the rocks to elephants and sambars.The island is lush with trees from rosewood to teak to species of terminalia.Most nature freaks who have enjoyed visiting Nisargadhama have remarked that from butterflies, to woodpecker to various kinds of birds you can spot in the area especially in the mornings. Established in 1989 the picturesque picnic spot offer boat rides and elephant’s rides and nature lovers can visit the deer park and the orchidarium.

How to reach
Air: The nearest airport is Bangalore
Rail: The nearest railway station is Mysore
Road: Regular buses ply from Coorg, Mysore and Bangalore

Where to stay:
Comfortable cottages are run by the state forest dept

Conservator of Forests,
Kodagu Circle