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Himalayan Griffon

This huge, bulky, khaki-colored vulture is truly a mountain bird. Found in the Himalayas and in Central Asia, like all vultures this one too has an almost naked head and neck, surrounded by a dun colored ruff. With a wingspan of nearly 3m, the Himalayan Griffon is an impressive flier.

It is seldom the first to get to a carcass as it is mostly attracted by the presence of ravens and bearded vultures. A voracious feeder it is said that a group of Himalayan griffons can strip the carcass of a yak in two hours. It is very aggressive when feeding but can be kept off by wolves and other carnivorous mammals.

This bird seldom breeds below 1200m and may even be found at altitudes in excess of 6000m.The nests in small colonies of generally not more than half a dozen are scattered over cliff faces. The nests are sometimes those abandoned by other vultures or sometimes built by the birds themselves starting quite small and growing with use over the years.