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Found in a variety of habitat from treeless tundra to coastal sea banks, rocky cliffs, mountain forests and desert canyons to open plains ravens are the largest member of the crow family. Ravens are on an average 24 inches long with a wingspan of 46-56 inches. Their color is all black with a metallic shine of purple or violet that is noticeable in certain light conditions. The bill is large and stout. In flight the tail appears wedge-shaped which distinguishes it from crows. The common ravenís scientific name corvus corax means raven croaker. Noted for their calls ravens have a wide repertoire of vocalizations. They are strong fliers and are considered among the most intelligent of all birds. Like crows they can learn to imitate a variety of sounds including the human voice. Ravens eat rodents, insects, grain, fruits, bird eggs and refuse. They consume much carrion especially in winter and will even prey upon sick and injured animals.