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Rufous  Necked Hornbill

Rufous Necked Hornbill

The rufous necked hornbill originally found in mountainous regions between Eastern Nepal and Vietnam. Although they are rarely seen there, they can be sighted in southern China, north-eastern India, Mynamar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. This huge bird measures over a meter long. Males are distinguished by a bushy crest, reddish brown on neck and breast, maroon on abdomen. Its cheek, chin and upper throat are naked and scarlet. The back and wings are black with wings having white tips and white on the lower half of the tail. The species is found usually in pairs or small flocks except in breeding season. The calls of the hornbill are a variety of croaks, roars and cackles. The female hornbill is all black with white wing tips and lower tail.