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Chilgoza Pine

Found in the dry inner valleys of the north-west Himalayas, the chilgoza pine is an evergreen tree found at altitude of up to 3000m.It grows to a height of upto 3000 m.It grows to a height of up to 82 f t.It is in leaf all year, in flower from May to June and the seeds ripen in October. The flowers are monoecious and are pollinated by wind.

The crown of the tree is usually deep, wide and open with long, erect branches but they become narrower and shallower in dense forest. The chiloza pine’s bark is very flaky peeling to reveal light grayish-green patches.

In Afghanistan this species is cultivated for its edible seed and efforts are underway to expand its economic utilization in India. The seed rich in oil is an important local food source and is considered a great delicacy.