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Mussoorie   Trees

A common shrub found along the 10 mile ridge on which Mussoorie sits is the masuri plant. Many believe that the plant gave its name to the town when an early visitor who asked a herder the name of the ridge was given the name of the plant. Incidentally when the British first came to the Doon, their main task was to deal with powerfully entrenched dacoits. All local people pronounce Mussoorie as Mansuri as popular lore has it that the ridge was named after the hideout of a robber called Mansur. The oak too is native of hills. It is resistant to fire but unfortunately cut indiscriminately. Three varieties occupy their own altitude niches-banj that grows between 1800 and 2400 m, moru that is between 2000 and 2700m and Kharsu between 2300 and 3500 km.They are all marked by healthy under growth.