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Shola Forests

The Sholas are located in evergreen rain forests. Occurring 1900-2220m along the Southern Western Ghats the shola-grassland ecosystems is a dense growth of trees in the depressions and folds of the ghats surrounded by extensive areas of grasslands. The trees are stunted with spreading canopies, twiggy branches and multi-hued foliage.

It is one of the 25 global biodiversity hotspots on earth. Rosewood and white cedar are common among several other wild species of trees more than half the tree species found here are endemic. About 90 species of reptiles and almost 50% of India’s 206 species of amphibians are also endemic to this area.

While the sholas are home to India’s largest elephant population they also shelter the endemic and endangered lion-tailed macaque. Today the sholas are threatened as nearly 2/3 of the natural forests in this eco region have already been cleared.