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Among the many herbs to be found in the grasslands is Artemisia parviflora an aromatic, bitter tasting plant with elegantly designed leaves that form part of the ayurvedic repertoire. Scientists refer to this as an invasive weed and in English the family is referred to as warmwood or mugwort.Rudyard Kipling identifies the lama in Kim as having arrived from the hills by virtue of the clinging smell of Artemisia to his robes. Kipling also describes how later the lama leaving Kim panting behind, strode purposefully to gain the cool air of the Mussoorie hills from whence they followed the Yamuna drainage to cross over the Great Range into that of the Sutlej.

Artemis is considered the Greek hunting goddess Diana, famous of which at Ephesus was criticized by St Paul. She is an reconized as female lunar force the goddess of herbalists and midwives, animal loving, passionate and outspoken. Her August festival is echoed in Garhwal by the Nanda Devi celebrations with the intent to honor the so called Great Mother Goddess.