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 Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Visit Bharatpur in winter when the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary is full of exotic, foreign winged visitors who migrate here from across the globe. Spring is the time for courtship and nesting. The rains are for breeding and rearing young with nests across the parklands brimming with mottled and speckled eggs of many colours. Once the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Bharatpur the swamps and marshes of the 29 sq km Keoladeo Ghana was later turned into a bird sanctuary and now ranks among the most visited in India.

To get the real joy of the park divide the trips over the different times of the day. Experience the early morning birdlife and exquisite birdsong, see spectacular sightings of large flocks of water birds like ducks,geese,pelicans,flamingos,painted storks and catch the elusive birds at dusk like night herons, bitterns and owls.

The Mansarovar and Hansarovar marshes and the swamps and lakes of Bharatpur constitute one of the most important heronries in the world. For this Keoladeo is a World Heritage Site. The park give good sightings of the slender necked purple heron, the petite brown pond heron, the common pond heron, the common grey heron and several other species. You can also see long toed jacanas walking magically across the water and large flocks of pelicans and flamingos fishing in the deeper waters. In addition to birds there are also sambhar, chital, nilgai and mongoose in the park. If there is enough water tourists can also enjoy boating and admire the birds from a close range.

When to go
November to March, Migratory birds are present during this time in addition to the resident species.

This birdwatchers’ paradise is in north-eastern Rajasthan near the UP border within the golden triangle of Agra, Delhi and Jaipur, 38 km from Mathura.

How to visit:
Air: Nearest Airport is at Kheria,Agra (60 km/11/4 hrs)

Rail: Bharatpur

Car: Good 6 lane highway till Mathura.The connecting road to Bharatpur has some rough patches.

Bus service:
Available from Sarai Kale Khan,Delhi