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Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska was the hunting preserve of the Alwar royals and its palace is witness to many such shoots. Cookbooks and tiger tales have been written on the royal wildlife exploits. However now it is totally opposite and that of wildlife protection. Fences prevent from further endangering the animals and books are being written on efforts being, made to preserve the hundreds of species endangered over the years of callous shooting and poaching. Tigers are hard to find but sanctuary is full of antelope and many species of birds and deer abound. Early morning and evening are the best times to make trips to Sariska National Park to see herds of deer-nilgai, chital, sambhar with langur.Harder to see are the leopard, jackal, wilddog and hyena. Birdwatchers can try their luck with white –breasted kingfisher, serpent eagle, great Indian horned owl and other avian species quite easily. For a cross country safari it is advisable to book one of the authorised forest jeeps.

When to go:
In the winter months when plenty of migratory birds are in residence.The sanctuary is closed during the rains.

In the Aravalli Hills, 36 km from Alwar in north-east Rajasthan.

How to visit:
Rail: Nearest railhead is at Alwar and there are several trains from Delhi.

Take NH8 to Shahpura via Kot Putli and Pawta, 1 km short of Shahpura turn left before the toll gate for the 51km run to Sariska.Bairat and Thana are the landmark villages.