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Nokrek Biosphere

Nokrek Biosphere

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is located 2km from Tura Peak in the Garo Hills district of Meghalaya.Nokrek National Park with an area of 47.48 sq km is the core zone of the reserve which is an important source of many perennial rivers and streams. The important rivers which originate from the area are Simsang,Ganol,Bugi,Dareng and Rongdik.The famous Siju cave is located very close to the Nophak lake near the Simsang river game reserve.

A green canopy of thick, tall and lush forests covers the reserve and its environs. At an altitude of 4650 ft above sea level, Nokrek is the highest peak in the Garo Hills and home to rare species of orange locally known as Memang Narang.With a view to preserving this rare species of citrus indica the first gene sanctuary of the world has been established here. Also found in the park are some rare orchids, grand rasamala, white meranti, lali, chempaka and wild lemon. The area also have many rare endangered and endemic fauna species like hillock gibbon,binturong,stump tailed macaque, pig tailed macaque, Himalayan black bear,tiger,leopard,elephant,giant flying squirrel etc.

Activities such as camping, trekking, bird watching and observing wild elephants in their natural habitat are some of the attractions while visiting this biosphere reserve. An exciting trekking track is from Nokrek to Tura, the administrative headquarters of the Garo Hills through the Tura Peak. This trekking track goes through some thick tropical forests before reaching the Tura peak. A breathtaking view of the rolling hills and the mighty Brahmaputra River in the distance greets you here. Close to Tura at the confluence of two rivers namely Ganol and Rongram is an Old Stone Age site which is worth visiting especially for an anthropologist.

How to Reach
Air:The nearest airport is Guwahati, 128 km away
Rail:The nearest railway station is Guwahati
Road:Buses and cabs are available from Guwahati and Shillong.

Where to stay
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