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Sela Lake

Sela Pass

Located at 13,714 ft above sea level, Sela Pass is the Gateway to Tawang.It takes around four hours from Sela to reach Tawang.It is windy and usually misty up at Sela; the grass cover is thin, there are no trees and a little beyond the pass are two glacial lakes where mountain birds flutter about. The winter is very severe here as the sharp wind and freezing cold can be an arduous experience. The pass is named after the local damsel who helped Jaswant Singh, an Indian soldier in keeping the Chinese at bay for days. There is also a lake by the same name. Fifteen minutes from Sela is Jaswant Garh a memorial of the brave soldier. Another 15 minutes descent and you will see the Jung Falls. It is about a kilometre off the main road. You will see the rainbows formed by the sprinkled water particles of the falls. And if you are an Orchid lover while travelling to Tawang you must stop at the Orchid Research Centre at Tipi.Arunachal has more than 600 species of orchids.

How to Reach
Air: The nearest airport is Tezpur in Assam
Rail: The nearest railhead is Rangapara in Assam
Road: From Tezpur by road it takes about 16-20 hours to Tawang.Regular buses ply. Private cabs are also available.

Where to stay
Government lodges and private hotels. You must get Inner Line Permit for visiting Arunachal.