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Tawang Pass

Tawang Pass

Snuggled at the Himalayan foothills at 11,482ft above sea level, Tawang still retains the pristine beauty of a hidden paradise. The drive from Tezpur to Tawang through the beautiful Dirang valley can literally leave you breathless as you wind around steep hill roads and manoeuvre sharp bends. In parts the roads can be dangerous but once you are at Tawang you can see the stunning panorama of stark mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls and lakes. And in winter it is all white with the lakes frozen solid and the roads slushy with snow.

You can see the Tawang Monastery which belongs to the Gelupka sect. An epitome of Buddhist architecture the three storey fortified monastery is spread over 135 sqm and has 65 residential buildings. It can house 700 monks. Other interesting monasteries in Tawang’s environs include the Ani gompas, Bramadung Chung, Gyangong-small establishments with women lamas and the famous Taktsang 45 km from Tawang stands on the edge of a steep forested ridge surrounded by snow capped mountains.

While the monasteries provide you with a spiritual fulfilment the sight of blue water of the lakes in the sublime, blissful environs of Tawang takes you to another world. Encircled by towering cliffs, the Madhuri Lake named after Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit is the most famous among all of them. Its official name is Sangetsar. Then there is the Pangong –Tang Tso Lake. The atmosphere here is magically serene, the silence broken only by the jingling bells of yaks grazing on the banks.

How to Reach

Air:The nearest airport is Tezpur in Assam
Rail: The nearest railhead is Rangapara in Assam
Road: From Tezpur by road it takes about 16-20 hours to Tawang.Regular buses ply. Private cabs are also available.

Where to Stay
Government lodges and private hotels. You must get Inner Line Permit for visiting Arunachal.