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The Talathmane Circuit

The Talathmane Circuit

Kodagu also called Coorg is located 1220m above sea level. It extends along the summits and slopes of the Western Ghats and is criss-crossed by a network of rivers. Most of this is virgin land and nearly 60% of the area is covered with rain forests. The area is full of plantations and enchanting streams which are every where. The campsites are in close proximity to streams.

The trek starts from Talathmane to Devastur moves to Mukkodlu, Kaloor, Vanachulu and Talathmane.The Youth Hostel Association of India in association with local operators V-TRAK organizes this trek once every year. It is a convenient trek as they supply guides, tents; organize the campsites and the food. If you choose to do this on your own it is advisable that you coordinate with local operators to chalk out the exact route and organize permissions with plantation owners for the use of campsites.

5 days

Ideal Season:
Any time of the year

Around Madikeri,Kodagu District.

How to Reach
From Madikeri to Talathmane.It is 4 km/10 mins by car or 15 mins by bus. It is located on the road to Talacauvery.For return take the same way back.