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 Namdaphas treasures

Namdampha's Treasures

Namdapha is like the cauldron of a genetic soup that sometimes spills over to reveal its biological treasures. The unique blend of Indo-Burmese, Sino-Tibetan and Himalayan species has made Namdapha the most diverse habitat of the subcontinent. Three large mammals have been discovered in recent years including the Javan rhino, the Malayan sun bear and the leaf deer. Declared a Project Tiger Reserve in 1983, this is the only park in the world to harbor all the four big cats- tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and the snow leopard.

The area is also home to rare mammals like the takin, Himalayan musk deer, slow loris and the Asian elephant.Namdapha is also home to India’ only ape the hoolock gibbon. The bird life here is equally amazing with almost 665 species recorded in the area so far which half the bird species present in the country is. It is estimated that to complete a comprehensive study of the botanical resources present in Namdapha,it would take at least 50 years. This unspoilt and unexplored wilderness sustains diverse and incredibly varied life forms.