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Guidelines And Rules for Ecotourists

The tourists should be aware of the impact of their activities on the environment.An environmental protection strategy should address the issues of awareness,sensitization on environmental issues, and care about the places they visit. Tour guides are an obvious and direct medium to communicate awareness. With the confidence of ecotourists and intimate knowledge of the environment, they can actively discuss conservation issues. They should be given adequate information so that they can help in preserving local environment and resources.

Travel in groups of not more than four. Larger groups make a larger mess. Donít make a noise, remember you left the city to experience something different.

- View birds and animals from a distance.Animals find quick movements and loud noises stressful. If you scare them by making a noise they will tend to avoid the area, spoiling it for animal lovers.

Camp wherever possible at campsites used by others instead of trying to clear the ground for a new campsite. Make no open campfires and discourage others from doing so.

Where water is heated by scarce firewood use as little of it as possible.Avoid carrying canned food and leaving tins behind.

- Leave camp sites clean and remember to take back all non-biodegradable litter to the road head/town for proper disposal.

Bury only biodegradable food waste. Proper disposal of tampons and napkins requires that they be placed in plastic bags and taken out. Do not bury them because they donít decompose readily and animals may dig them up.

Do not use detergents and soaps at streams and springs.

Do not take away cuttings, seeds and roots of plants.

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