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India's Biodiversity

India occupies only 2.4 % of the earth’s landmass but has over 8 % of the world’s known wildlife.The eastern Himalayas are endemic to 3500 species of higher plants,20 species of reptiles,25 endemic species of amphibians and a rich fauna of insects.Of the eight species of turtles found in the world,India is home to five species.Among the 20,000 species of fishes known more than 2,000 species are found in India.Of the 15,000 flowering plant species in India over 4500 are to be found in the Western Ghats.Biodivesity is our national hertiage and treasure as valuable as the TajMahal.Because different species of plants and animals interact in complex ways to sustain life on earth,if we destroy biodiversity ,we may destroy our planet.